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The Lithuanian Folk Dance Institute Inc.,
    abbreviated as LFDI Inc.,
    - in Lithuanian,
Lietuvių tautinių šokių institutas,
    abbreviated as LTŠI,
is an independent North American cultural institution, whose mission is to study, foster, and support Lithuanian folk dance. It is a incorporated, non-profit organization, tax exempt for donations.

Lietuviškai - in Lithuanian    

To fulfill its mission, the LFDI Inc.
  1. collects material relating to folk dance
  2. studies the collected material and prepares it for practical use
  3. issues publications relating to folk dance
  4. prepares descriptions of folk dances and games
  5. maintains contact with folk dance groups and concerns itself with their activities
  6. holds courses for folk dance instructors
  7. maintains relations with the folk dance institutions and organizations of other nations
  8. prepares the North American Folk Dance Festivals (Šokiu Šventes):
  9. a) organizes the Folk Dance Festival artistic program
    b) invites (selects) the artistic program's director
    c) invites (selects) the Folk Dance Festival presenter (MC)
    d) determines the Folk Dance Festival repertoire.

Articles of Incorporation - Statutas (.PDF)     By-Laws - Statutas (.PDF)

2015 June 23

Camp Dainava Dance Courses Registration

The 2016 Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival in Baltimore is quickly approaching. The dance courses for the teachers will occur August 9-16, 2015 at CAMP DAINAVA in Michigan. It is mandatory that each group planning to participate in the Dance Festival have their director, or at least one teacher or other representative, participate. Early dance camp registration by June 15, 2015, with a $40 deposit toward the final participation cost, will secure your spot and provide you a discounted rate. Or you can pay the full amount now.

The registration form can be found here

If at this time you cannot determine whether your group plans to participate or not, or if you have concerns about your group’s ability to send a representative to the dance course, please contact us.

2015 May 30th

General Meeting of the Membership

The "Suvaziavimas" of LTSI/LFDI Inc., the General Meeting of the membership, held every four years, will occur on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at Camp Dainava, Manchester, Michigan during the dancer's workshop. This is a general meeting for all members. It is an open meeting to all interested and only up-to-date (yearly membership paid) members who have the right to vote.

Please refer to the LTSI/LFDI Inc. bylaws for information as to the order of business and voting procedures for this meeting. The bylaws can be found on the LTSI/LFDI Inc. here LTŠI Statutas - By-Laws

If you have any questions, please contact any board member via email

LTSI/LFDI Inc. Board Members

Visi keliai veda i Baltimore
Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival Artistic Directors
Honored at June 29, 2012 ceremonies, Boston
Past Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival Artistic Directors
Artistic Directors of past U.S. and Canada Lithuanian Folk Dance Festivals (from l. to r.) R. Karasiejienė (VIII and XI Festivals), D. Dzikienė (IX Festival and LTŠI President 1991-1997), J. Reginienė (VII Festival), V. Fabianovich (X Festival), D. Varnienė (XIII Festival and LTŠI/LDFI Inc. President 2006-2012), G. Breichmanienė (IV and VIII Festivals), N. Pupienė (VI Festival and LTŠI President 1998-2005), L. Kisielienė (Lithuania Festivals 1994, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2009), J. Karasiejus (VIII and XI Festivals).

Lietuviškai - in Lithuanian